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Eric Pepin – Best-selling spiritual author

Eric Pepin is a teacher, philosopher and author dedicated to helping others achieve metaphysical and psychic experiences for themselves. He spent his childhood reflecting on the workings of the Universe, investigating paranormal activity and utilizing his sixth sensory abilities to give readings to family and friends. By the time he was 15 years old, he was a sought after psychic and began teaching his friends to have similar experiences and abilities.

A passionate teacher with a track record of helping students achieve experiences for themselves, Eric Pepin looked for ways to reach more students. In 2003, he founded the Higher Balance Institute, an organization that quickly reached individuals around the globe.

Amazon best-selling spiritual books - By Eric Pepin
Handbook of the Navigator - By Eric Pepin

Eric Pepin’s Books

Eric Pepin published his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, in 2004. The book is a calling to spiritual people who long to move beyond theoretical knowledge and begin experiencing the things they read about. Over the next decade, Eric devoted himself to traveling around the world teaching students to do exactly that.

During this time, he also developed and released more than 100 audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic imaginable from the construction of the universe to manifestation to remote viewing to healing. He published six additional books on spirituality, including his most recent book, Prescient Visions, all of which became best-sellers on Amazon.

Eric Pepin’s experience-based coaching

Eric Pepin bases his success on the experiences his students are able to attain. He has a strong record of helping individuals achieve experiences in as quickly as an hour, whether they are new to spirituality or have been studying with other schools for 20 years.

He continues to evolve his teachings to streamline the process and reduce the time it takes for students to achieve results. Pepin recently launched the Higher Balance Collegiate Program designed to help students flawlessly integrate their spiritual practices with the demands of modern life. As a strong believer that every path is a personal one, he ensured that each curriculum is tailored to individual interests.

After growing Higher Balance from the ground up, Eric Pepin used his skills and experience to help students not only achieve great spiritual experiences, but also have success in their career and business.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, Eric J. Pepin continues to coach students, teach at free and paid events and develop new training and technology advance consciousness.

Eric Pepin in India 2015

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Igniting the Sixth Sense - By Eric Pepin

Igniting the Sixth Sense

The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe.

Handbook of the Navigator - By Eric Pepin

Handbook of The Navigator

What is God, the psychic connection to spiritual awakening and conscious universe.

Silent Awakening - By Eric Pepin

Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening: True Telepathy, Effective Energy Healing and the Journey to Infinite Awareness

Prescient Visions - By Eric Pepin

Prescient Visions

The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe.

Guild of PSI - By Eric Pepin

Guild of PSI

The Link Between Paranormal and Spiritual Realities. It merges the mystical with the modern, and the spiritual with the psychic.

Meditation Within Eternity - By Eric Pepin

Meditation Within Eternity

The modern mystic’s guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.